Nick Griffin and the W Word

After four terrible nights of rioting and looting, no doubt most Londoners are reflecting on what has easily been London's saddest chapter in recent history. I came across this tweet (see screenshot) by none other than Mr Nick Griffin, the chairman of the racist British National Party. Yes, I would quite openly label them as racists.

When I saw Mr Griffin using the word "wiggers" in his tweet, I didn't really know whether to laugh or to cry. Is this the voice of the most confused man in Britain?

A riot supposedly kick-started by the death of a black man, spreading like wildfire in predominantly black/multi-racial neighbourhoods in London (I am a proud Lewisham resident myself), what a golden opinion for Mr Griffin to preach his twisted politics. Oh wait, there is a white face caught on camera carrying looted items. Ah, no problem, it is blatantly his black friend's fault that this white person decided to join in. I am just going to tweet about these wiggers. Shame on the blacks (and the wiggers).

Shame on you Mr Griffin (and shame on all you scumbag looters, troublemakers too). This is NOT a race war. This is a class war. We are talking about failure in parenting. We are talking about a failing system. Stop inflicting racial tension. Most Londoners are proud of its cultural diversity.

P.S. Why did Mr Griffin not use the N word? Why not niggers and wiggers? Maybe he is making a very clever point here: why is it socially acceptable to use the word "wigger", but absolutely not the word "nigger"? Umm... perhaps not...


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