Fixing bike tyre cuts using neoprene glue

I have always used the most bomb-proof puncture resistant tyres on my bikes. Over the years, I have put to test the following on the mean streets of London: Continental Gator Hardshell, Schwalbe Marathon Plus, Vittoria Randonneur, Bontrager Race Lite Hardcase, Panaracer Pasela...

While they all have pretty sturdy protection layers, some are more cut-prone then others. Every time I pick a bit of glass out from the tyre surface, my OCD makes me want to do something about the damaged rubber. Most cyclists would argue that as long as the protection layer is not compromised, one should not need to worry too much about these holes. However, there is always the chance of the holes getting bigger from further wear, or future sharp bits getting trapped causing more damage.

I have tried different types of superglue in the past, but none has really worked - the hardened glue just falls out over time. Recently, I read somewhere that neoprene/wetsuit glue, which is flexible, works quite well, and I decided to give it ago. I bough a tube of Stormsure Neoprene Queen Wetsuit Repair Adhesive for a couple of quid online.

The glue is quite thick, so I had to use a stick to try and push the glue into the small opening to fill it up.

This is how the cut looks before and after the repair:

Cut on the Continental Gator Hardshell

After applying the glue and leaving overnight

After 30 miles of road riding

The glue seems to be holding up after 30 miles of riding on tarmac. It certainly seems more promising than anything I have tried before. Let's see what happens after hundreds of miles!

Update: The glue is still holding up after 100+ miles. Certain bits are starting to look a bit thin, and I suspect I will need to "top up" every now and then. So far I am pretty happy!


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