Mapping the Lisbon Tram 28 route

Trying to figure out whether Tram 28 is going to take you where you want to visit in Lisbon? Now you can see the route on an interactive Google Map.

At some point, most visitors to Lisbon will have been on the legendary no. 28 yellow trams which run from Martim Moniz to Campo de Ourique (Prazeres), climbing many incredibly steep slopes and negotiating numerous impossibly tight street corners.

While the Transportes de Lisboa site provides information on the Tram 28 stops, the map downloadable from the page is sadly not terribly useful for visitors who are not acquainted with the maze that is the winding streets of Lisbon. For example, the map does not show easily recognisable metro stations or street names. We wanted to travel to the Campo de Santa Clara flea market (open Tuesdays and Saturdays) but the map did not really give us a good idea of how easy it would be to get there by Tram 28. So I naturally googled to see whether there was an interactive online map of the Tram 28 route, and I found none.

Coming back home, I decided to create one.

Tram 28 on Google Map

Explore the famous Tram 28 route on Google Map, where you can search for places and access Street View, etc. I hope future visitors to Lisbon will find this little map useful.

(I used to plot the route, and to extract the coordinates in KML format, before overlaying the route on top of Google Map)


Li San said…
Great, was looking for a route map of tram 28! Thanks!
see wah cheng said…
Ha, glad you found it useful, and hope you enjoyed Lisbon!
memyselfandEI said…
Thx a lot says vienna :)
Anonymous said…
This is very useful, thanks a lot!
Charissa Santos said…
Hello See Wah! Thanks for this great map! Could I possibly import this onto my own google map where I'm planning my Lisbon trip?
Anonymous said…
thx mate
Bumpernick said…
Many thanks

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