More Candies...

I wrote a post just over a month ago about my first impression of Crank Brothers Candy 1 on my road bike. I can say that after what must have been around 300 miles, I am pretty happy with them. I like the float and the smooth unclipping action, while, at all times, I feel fully confident that the pedals are firmly attached to my feet, even when I'm climbing the steepest of ground.

After riding with Power Grips for years on my singlespeed, I decided last week to buy a new pair of Candy (Candy 2) for my road bike, and swap those Power Grips for my Candy 1.

Here are the new shiny orange Candy 2 on my road bike. Unlike the Candy 1, these pedals have machined aluminium bodies, which should add to their durability (and sexiness, dare I say). Otherwise the two versions are pretty much the same. They still use bushing inner bearing. Only Candy 3 and Candy 11 offer needle inner bearing.

Candy 1 now on my singlespeed!

Of course, it is still too early for me to comment on their long-term reliability. People seem to have mixed experience with them. Watch this space!


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