Mapping London Art Deco Buildings

Being a bit of an architectural history geek, I have always had a thing for art deco / modernist buildings. London is dotted with hundreds of them. Some are still standing glorious with their bold, white facades, but many have seen better days.

A while ago, after being unimpressed by the map viewing experience of a number of websites on mobile devices, I decided I want to make a responsive website with google map as a main navigation element myself, to try and understand the problem and come up with a usable layout.

This is how came about - an interactive map of London art deco buildings.

These are the "desktop" and the "mobile" layouts that I experimented with:


I hope you enjoy looking at these wonderful buildings (I do encourage you to see the real thing, of course), and please give me feedback.  I have currently only listed 57 buildings, but over the next few weeks, I will be adding more.


Some interesting things I have learnt:


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