Mandrill Template Manager

As a product manager, I am a fan of the Mandrill service. With its template support, we can iterate on email content and layout with relative ease. However, to generate templates, there are a number of steps involved in the workflow, which can be quite manual and errors can easily occur:

  • combining different html files (header, footer, etc) together to build the complete html
  • inlining css
  • generating the plain text
  • copy and pasting final html and plain text into Mandrill
So I set out to create a PHP library to automate all these for me. Check it out here:

I decided to keep the core PHP class quite simple. For examples, it handles strings instead of files. However, I have provided a example which illustrates how to effectively use the PHP class, working with mustache templates, css files, config files, etc.

Hope you find it useful, and I look forward to hearing some feedback.

P.S. I got to learn quite a bit about the excellent Composer tool, which I highly recommend.


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