Where has the Thames Path gone?

This weekend, I decided to check out the North Greenwich stretch of the National Cycle Route 1 with my girlfriend for a bit of leisurely (and what I hoped to be scenic) cycling along the Thames, seeing that it is only a stone's throw away from where I live. Starting off from the Greenwich town centre, we were surprised to find that the cycle path came to an early abrupt end as the a property development (Lovell's Wharf) quite literally stood in the way of the Thames Path. After a minor detour, we got back onto the route following the signs down the side of the Blackwall Tunnel Approach (A102). This bit of the route is on cycle path shared with pedestrians on pavement. Unfortunately it was very badly maintained and also full of broken glass. The route finally took us away from the busy A102. However, at this point, the cycle path also degenerated to a sandy dirt track (I believe the area is called Delta Wharf). It was so bad that we had to get off and push the bikes for a couple of minutes. The route did get better afterwards once we passed the O2, but for some reason, another development decided to stand in front of us on Mudlarks Boulevard. By that point, we got so fed up that we turned back and cycled home.

P.S. I have since found a couple of very insightful articles on http://853blog.wordpress.com:

See http://853blog.wordpress.com/2010/11/03/greenwichs-secret%C2%A0cycle-superhighway/ and more on https://853blog.wordpress.com/tag/thames-path/

P.S. I have also found this rather non-informative announcement on the Greenwich Council website: http://www.greenwich.gov.uk/Greenwich/Travel/TravelNews/riverside-path-diversion.htm What about a simple map?

Greenwich Council, please look after the Thames Path! It is one of (y)our biggest assets.


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