Came across http://8tracks.com today. It is basically a site where you can create your "mp3 mix tapes". You can add songs to your mix by selecting from their existing collection of individual mp3's or by uploading your own individual mp3's. Note that you cannot do "advanced" mixing with this app - no knob-twisting for all you bedroom DJs :-)

To cover their arses, they have enforced a set of interesting rules which would apparently ensure that they don't get sued by record companies. These include:

- This mix has to "include at least 8 tracks, no more than 2 of which are from the same artist or album"

- 8tracks will randomize "playback the 2nd time a person listens to your mix"

- You can only listen to 30 seconds of each track when creating your mix

- When listening to of mixes created by others, you can only skip 3 tracks per hour.

Check out my mix (dub, dubstep, electronic)

Anti War Dub ( Feat. Spen G) Digital Mystikz

Aztec Warrior Mad Professor

Negions Fail Wisp

Drop The Other (Scuba's Vulpine Remix) Emika

Love Cry (Joy Orbison Remix) Four Tet

Chronograph Sketch Show

Exhibit A (Transformations) Jay Electronica

Eastern Jam Chase & Status

Yes I like the idea! No doubt I will be creating more mini-mixes soon...


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